When is Men’s Mental Health Month?


When is men’s mental health month? It’s important to learn more about depression in men. Despite being the second leading cause of death for men, suicide is an increasingly common cause of death for middle-aged and elderly men. Men make up 70 percent of all suicides, and increasing suicide rates in middle age and older men are raising the risk of mental illness. Suicide is not a sign of weakness; it’s a disease that affects mood regulation. High-stress levels and medical conditions can also cause depression, as well as certain medications. Continue reading “When is Men’s Mental Health Month?”

India Live – Omicron Coronavirus Cases Rise to 213

The number of cases of the fast-spreading Omicron coronavirus has risen to 213 across the country. The maximum number of new cases has been reported in Kerala, with 653 confirmed cases and three deaths. Maharashtra has the highest number of confirmed cases, with 108, while Delhi has the second highest at 79. Meanwhile, the state of Gujarat has the third highest, with 24 and Telangana. The states of Kerala and Telangana each recorded the most number of cases, with 14 and 15 respectively. Continue reading “India Live – Omicron Coronavirus Cases Rise to 213”

Does More Sexual Partners Conspire To More Cancer?

A recent study conducted on the relation between the number of sexual partners and the risk of getting cancer has come up with an interesting but surprising conclusion. The researchers have found that if you have a lot of sexual partners your chances of getting cancer are increased. The risk is greater when the partners are older, female and their sexual activity increases with age. The results show that those who have a large number of partners also tend to have multiple sex partners. Continue reading “Does More Sexual Partners Conspire To More Cancer?”

Las Vegas Escorts

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